April & May 2018


As I sit here to consider my making over the past two months, I have made a rather surprising realization. I find that I’m just not in the mood for bemoaning slow progress.  Nothing in the past two months has changed in my pace or my output. In fact, it may even have been a rather dry spot for me, productively. It’s just that I simply don’t mind. It feels glorious to me that I am able to create. The projects that I’m working on (in whatever state of completion) feel exciting and fresh. I look at my list with optimism.

There are a few areas where the tectonic plates have begun to shift a bit. This helps, to be sure. And, there is the undeniable influence of Spring. The advent of the sun as part of my daily experience has certainly had a positive impact on my attitude.  I’m not inclined to question too adamantly the wellspring of this new placid outlook.  I’m simply grateful for it. 


 Unhurried Wardrobe

 I was just preparing to write all about how I've made no tangible progress here.  The same blah, blah, blah you've heard since I announced my aspirations to begin sewing an intentional wardrobe for myself.  Lots of naval gazing but no actual stitching of clothing.  And, then, it occurred to me.  I have made actual progress.  I have cast on and am actively knitting up a sweater for myself.  An actual article of clothing.  Progress.  What da you know?



My quilting life is the one area that doesn't feel slow.  Here is where I can see real and substantial progress.  I've finished the quilt top that I've been working on since the beginning of the year.  And, I've been consistent in my 100 Day Project of Scrap Basket Improv.  All those little pieces are simply "what if"s made manifest.  There is a substantial little pile of them accumulating around here (57 in the months of April and May alone).  A few of them have found their way into project beginnings.  I'm looking forward to seeing where the rest go.



I don't have grandiose expectations for my knitting output.  I am a slow knitter and don't feel a need to apologize for it.  I am naturally inclined to feel satisfied with my knitting life. Certainly,  the same sunny glow of optimism that is infecting everything else is also impacting my view of my knitting practice as well.  It's just that it doesn't need the same encouragement.  Without any particulary inducement I feel entirely pleased with the completion of my Bandana cowl and the genesis of my first ever knitted sweater. It all feels quite exciting to me.



You will note that this is not a picture of me mending.  It is a picture of me piecing a quilt top.  Me piecing something of a quilt has been a bit of a theme over the last two months.  Therefore, my mending pile has stayed determinedly full.  Almost defiantly full, really.  Which is not to say that I didn't mend anything in the past two months.  No, no.  I mended one shirt sleeve, one skirt and one pair of jeans.  It's just that none of those were actually in my mending pile to begin with.  Those were the emergent and emergency mends that will always come up in a house of 8 people wearing and using their clothing every day.  They aren't the moments I think to photograph or take note of in particular.  But, they are the moments that keep our collective wardrobes functioning without undue waste.  They are, in short, worth noting.