August 2018

Refashioned thrift store shirt

August disappeared into a happy haze of visitors, travel and Back to Schooling. It made for good days, but very little time in creative pursuits. Still. Even in the busy months there are cracks and fissures where my creative practice pushes its way through. So, it is those in between moments that I’m cataloging here.

Forsythe Trouser in progress

 Unhurried Wardrobe

Most of my creative energy happened right here.  This is as the one pursuit that felt more mandatory than optional this month. A freshly emptied closet provided real motivation to get a few highly practical items finished. At the beginning of the month I finished up the Schoolhouse Tunic (dress) that I’d started in July. And, at the very end of the month I squeezed in a pair of Forsythe Trousers. There are so many pieces of clothing I still want to get made to help my wardrobe function better. But, these two additions are a good start.



Given the severe bent toward garment sewing this month, I suppose it’s no surprise that my quilt activity has been minimal. The only quilt-related making I did this month was one quick Scrap Basket Improv piece. It was good, though, to have a trusted process when I wanted to sit down to a few minutes of free form play with fabric.

Knitting a sweater in the Neuhausen, Germany castle


Quilts tend to be my go to road trip companions. But, on this particular road trip I was the only driver so I knew my hand work time would be minimal. A knitting project made better sense this time. So, in the quiet in between moments I added a few more rows to my sweater.  Some of my favorite of those moments happened in this room in a restored castle in my beloved Erzgebirge.

Visible mending on child’s shorts


There was a brief mending session in hopes of keeping these shorts in rotation until the temperatures drop. It was a quick, practical affair.  

Neuhausen, Germany Castle