Boredom, Creativty and Showing Up


I’ve reached the the half way mark in my 100 days project.  A fact to be celebrated, to be sure.  And, I am.  Truly, I am.  But, also, there is this.  There is the undeniable fact that I am bored.  When I sit down to my pile of scraps, I don’t feel a particular thrill.  I see only the same bits and pieces that I’ve rifled through dozens of times.  The monotony of it drowns out any hope of new combinations.  None of it pulls at me, or begs me to ask new questions.  It is, quite simply, more of the same.

I mention all of this, not as an announcement that I’m abandoning the 100 days project.  If anything, this is a recommitment to it.  It is an acknowledgement that this is part of the process, too.  I will have moments where I must sit down to the work even when it doesn’t feel thrilling.  Wading into redundancy is necessary as well.

I know my creative process thrives in a place of curiosity.  The thrill of asking questions and discovering answers is a good thing.  It brings me new places.  It enriches my well of creativity.  But, I can’t chase it.  If I fall into that trap, I'll never get past the repetitive bits.  And every, every creative endeavor has its repetitive aspects.

No amount of curiosity can compensate for the lack of perseverance.  Creativity may blaze a brilliant trail.  But, repetition carries the baggage so I don’t starve in the wilderness. 


So I will continue.
I will look for new angles.
I will pull all the pieces together to see what I’m creating as a whole.
I will mix in work on other projects to keep me curious and engaged.
And, then, I will sit down to the same pile of scraps for the 52nd and 65th and 87th times.