I Believe


Recently I sat down with a pen and notebook and wrote the words “I Believe” at the top of the page.  

Then, I wrote.  Whatever came to mind went down on the page.  What emerged was a list of the mundane and the sublime.  It is not a comprehensive list of all my beliefs.  There are so many things that I believe that didn’t come up on this list.  That’s ok.  It isn’t meant to be all inclusive.  Nor do I expect it to be permanent.  I think it would probably vary a bit if I did it in six months from now.  It is just a snapshot of what is inside me right now, and what's spilling out.  It is some of what drives me and what inspires me.

Not all of these beliefs are created equal.  Some of them are as clear and obvious to me as the ground I’m standing on.  Others are dim, and weak, but they are there.  Those are the things that are harder to share, that feel scary.  But, I choose to trust you with those pieces, as well.  I’ll trust you with all these bits of myself.  That’s what I do, when I write.

I Believe

I believe that travel expands.

I believe that discovery is important.

I believe that creation is life giving.

I believe that creation is available to anyone—in any form.

I believe that anyone can make art.

I believe that everyone should make art.

I believe that children often come closer to the truth than adults do.

I believe in taking care of myself, because I’m the only one who can.

I believe that life is sacred.

I believe that life is sanctifying.

I believe that my heart is a good leader.

I believe that my head is a great worker.

I believe that I have something to offer to enrich the world.

I believe in fostering connection: with the Earth, with the people who came before me, with the things that I consume, with the creators of the things that I consume, with those around me, with myself.

I believe that connection enriches.

I believe that my physical environment (specifically, my home) has a profound impact on me.

I believe that we each have a profound capacity to create change.

I believe in the feeling of delight.

I believe in following that delight.

I believe that what came before matters.

I believe that what came before is not all that matters.

I believe that what I say adds value.

I believe that there are people who will be thrilled if I share what’s inside me.

I believe that what I do matters.

I believe beautiful light should be captured and shared.

I believe in trusting wherever this goes next.

I believe in exploring and in adventuring.

I believe in white linens and white walls.

I believe in spending whole days simply exploring.

I believe time spent organizing and curating our home rewards me exponentially.

I believe in naps.

I believe in doing.

I believe in making new things from old things.

I believe that life is to be lived, not conquered, or triumphed over, or any other adversarial analogy.

I believe we can approach tasks, challenges, even relationships from a place of love and cooperation instead of a place of competition.

I believe in sand timers.

I believe in the sacred, in the many forms I encounter it.

I believe in reading.

I believe in writing.

I believe in relationships where I can tell my truth.

I believe that being vulnerable is rewarded—even in this very cynical world.

I believe that everyone deserves a fair chance (I don’t know what that fair chance would look like).

I believe that I am capable of important things.

I believe that taking walks is essential.

I believe in clean spaces.

I believe in reading to my children.

I believe in things that transcend generations.

I believe in making beautiful things simply because they are beautiful.

I believe in creating beautiful experiences.

I believe in experiences over things.

I believe that my best life comes from being intentional.

I believe in abundance.

I believe in intense beauty.

I believe in slow.

I believe in simple.

I believe that I am not meant to stay small. 

What about you?  What do you believe?  I invite you to create a list of your own.  Maybe you want to share it somewhere, but maybe it’s just for you.  Either way, there is power in this writing—in claiming these things that we believe.