July 2018

Bieszczady Mountains

There were a few weeks at the end of June when this summer still stretched before me in all it's lazy possibilities. That time is gone. Trips, family visits and school prep have consumed it.  These are all good things.  The very best of things, really.  But, they are not amorphous languid things. There are schedules and timetables to be considered. Finding luxurious hours upon hours to create becomes increasingly infeasible. There are pockets of time. Of course. There are always moments for those who are looking for them.  But, I have to accept that my creating exists within the particular constraints of late summer obligations.  It means less sewing, more hiking.  It means less writing, more board games.  Again, all good choices.  It just helps me, from time to time, to remind myself that they are my choices.

Schoolhouse Tunic Dress in process

 Unhurried Wardrobe

After months of dithering, I've finally begun this project with a fervor.  It began at the start of the month when I removed every piece of clothing from my closet that wasn't working at all.  For quite a while I thought this was unnecessary.  I have a small wardrobe to begin with so I didn't think a few extra pieces were doing any harm.  It turns out, they were not hanging innocuously in my closet.  I was hiding behind them.  Once they were cleared away I could see clearly what needed to come next.  I went through pattern options.  I sorted through my stash.  I ordered some new fabric for specific garments.  And, by the end of the month I was one seam and a hem away from my first completion for my Unhurried Wardrobe.

Hand quilting in progress


I love to piece quilt tops.  I really do.  But, I may like this part even more.  This is the part where the quilt becomes my companion.  It becomes my accomplice in our adventures. Snuggled beneath its weight, I add stitch after stitch.  This is the part where the quilt starts to become real.  There is something transformative about stretching my legs under it and watching as it takes its final shape.

Green cardigan sweater knitting in progress


I kind of marvel at knitters who cast on for a sweater and finish it in the same month.  But, I know that that's simply not me.  When I began this sweater in May I knew there was every chance that it wouldn't be finished, even before the chill comes back.  That's alright.  I'm ok with slow and steady, especially in my knitting.  And though the progress is glacial, there is progress happening nonetheless.  It's good to step back once a month and see that.

Mends made by sewing machine on black t-shirt


An impending hiking trip meant I needed to finally address three well loved wool t-shirts.  After years of use they had developed a few runs.  I made a few quick repairs of the rough and ready variety.  On the machine, with black top thread and purple in the bobbin, because that was what I had on hand.  It got us out the door and on to the mountain, which was its only purpose, anyway. 

And then, there was this unexpected but delightful addendum to the story of these mends.  A few weeks after I'd returned the shirts to their owners, one of my sons asked offhandedly, "Why did you mended my shirt with purple thread and everyone else's with black?"  When I explained that everyone had purple on the inside of their mends he nodded sagely.  "This will prove to be valuable information in the future."

Modern Sewciety Podcast Micah Bremner Episode 168

In Other News

July also saw the release of my first ever podcast interview. The interview itself was fun and exciting.  Seeing it put into the world was terrifying.  There is a gap between the conversation and the presenting it to the world that brings up uncomfortable questions of what kinds of inane comments I may have made and plenty of time for imagined faux pas.  I was so grateful for Stephanie's kind words about the podcast, as well as the sweet reception you've all given it.  It made me feel safe again, after stepping into a place of such vulnerability.

Kazimierz Dolny Castle Steps