June 2018


I was recently cleaning out drawers and came across a scribbled note to myself.  It said:

Slow progress. This is at the heart of what I do. It is why I knit. It is why I quilt by hand. It is why I make slow, repetitive marks in my art. The slow, intentional progress is the entire point. My monthly recaps aren't intended to show all that I accomplished in a given month. They are to take stock of that slow progress.

My heart leapt at those words.  This is exactly why I write--why I must write.  Because the past me often understands things that the present me has lost sight of.  I have spent months trying to explain and excuse how very slowly projects are moving.  I have treated these updates as checkpoints--measuring myself against a fabricated expectation of accomplishment.  Now I'm reminded that that wasn't the intention at all.  It is only to document the slow rhythm of creating.


Unhurried Wardrobe

I am so close.  Every month I say some version of that.  I know.  But, truly, I am so very close to actual action, and not only tireless planning.  But, not this month.  The 100 days project ate up my very scarce creating moments squeezed in to the busy days of end of the school year.  So, for now, my Unhurried Wardrobe is still swimming around in my head, waiting for some action.



It is not a small thing to show up every day for a creative practice.  By the end of June I had sat down 91 times to pull a few scraps out of my Scrap Basket and see what happened.  That feels wonderful and celebratory.  Also a testament to incremental progress, I finished piecing the back for the quilt I'm working on.  It's all ready for basting.



Seeing a ball of yarn transform into a wearable fabric under the influence of my hands still feels like an unfathomable miracle to me.  Watching my first sweater come to life is thrilling.  And, as I approach each new step I am learning and expanding.  Already I've tackled a new kind of increase, plus separated out sleeves.  It's a project I'll be learning with for months yet.  Also, this month, I completed a collaborative knitting project that made my heart sing from start to finish.  I'll share more soon.



Summer is here in earnest, which means that I finally had to get down to business on a few mends that I've been able to ignore during the cooler months.  Once I got started I made a bit of progress on a few other languishing mends.  All told, 3 pairs of shorts, 2 t-shirts, 1 sweater, 3 dishcloths and 2 suit pants are back in rotation after an afternoon of mending.