March 2018

Every project has a mucky middle when it looks like the whole thing is such a mess I may as well scrap it all. It’s typically just before a critical insight when everything finally clicks.

My whole creative process feels like it’s in the mucky middle right now. I have almost nothing to add to the “Finished” column this month. Many of my projects (including this blog) feel hopelessly far away from any kind of completion. It feels like I’m walking the wrong way on a moving sidewalk—taking hurried steps forward but still moving backward. Even in my reading, I’m in the middle of a dozen books but have managed to finish very few this month.

I’m reminding (and re-reminding) myself that this is simply part of the process. I’m telling myself that consistent work does eventually lead to the other side of this quagmire. Stepping back for a moment to take stock is helping me see the glacial progress that is happening. And, it helps me re-direct my efforts. So, for now, onward into the mucky middle.


Unhurried Wardrobe

My poor wardrobe project has officially fallen victim to Research Mode.  Near the end of the month I finally admitted that I’m allowing planning to substitute for action.  While I acknowledge that good planning can lead to more efficient action, I’ve gone beyond useful levels of planning.  Much more could be said about this (and may still be).  But, for now, suffice it to say that I’ve determined that it’s time to simply jump in.  Yes, I don’t have a perfect plan.  And I will make mistakes.  But, it’s time to start making them already.



This is where almost all of my creative energy (and time) has gone this month.  Various pieces of my bed quilt have consumed my bedroom floor for the month.  Arranged and re-arranged, they’ve danced across the space.  I thought that putting the top together would be merely a matter of sewing seams.  It has turned out to be far more creatively challenging than that.  In terms of finishing, that’s pretty confounding.  But, it’s also creatively pretty fulfilling.

In the middle of the month I started a new creative practice.  Scrap basket improvs have been wonderful creative fuel.



March was not a red letter month for knitting.  I did finish the simple hat that I had on the needles.  It went into immediate rotation, so that was gratifying.  But, then, there was an unfortunate event.  It involved a certain dog who will remain nameless and my current knitting project.  He finds yarn a very satisfying chew, it turns out.  The only good news on the dog-ate-my-knitting-project front is that I wasn’t so much loving that project in the first place.  Once I got over the initial disappointment I found that I was rather relieved to not have to finish it.  So, I suppose we could call it a bit of an intervention.



I always think I’ll get so much mending done.  Then, promptly spend no time mending unless something urgent comes up.  I'm hoping that one of these days the monthly accountability will get me to sit down and just knock out my mending pile already.  It hasn’t happened yet.  The only mending I finished was a certain stuffed bunny who was a great deal more than simply a stuffed bunny.  But, that’s a different story entirely.


In Other News

Mid-March brought on a baby sewing bug (much easier to deal with than a real baby bug).  A little robot man scratched that itch.