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I already knew Stephanie, of Modern Sewciety Podcast does a wonderful job of holding great conversations with lots of creatives in the sewing community.  I've enjoyed listening to her podcast for some time now.  But, recently I got to learn what a truly safe space she creates for those conversations.  I was thrilled when Stephanie asked me to join her for an episode of Modern Sewciety.  Connecting with other creatives fills my soul.  It was a great experience getting to know Stephanie better and exploring all sorts of different nooks and crannies of our creative worlds.  When our conversation was released this week I discovered that we had covered quite a bit of ground.  We talked about all sorts of things including:

  • Living and making overseas.

  • Social media, blogs and introversion.

  • Creating with and near our children.

  • Intentionality in making.

  • The 100 days project.

  • Creative rhythms and routines.

If you'd like to listen as well, you can find our conversation in Episode 168 of Modern Sewciety Podcast in your podcast app.  Or, if you'd like to listen directly, you can find it  here.  Stephanie has lots of wonderful episodes, so while you're over there, look around a bit and check them out.