October 2018

Czocha Castle in the sunrise; Stankowice-Sucha, Poland

Monthly, I have to remind myself of the true purpose of these updates.  The siren song of productivity is so strong that I’m forever slipping into its grips.  I begin to believe that I’m meant to showcase all that I had accomplished in a month.

So, once again, I’m pulling myself back to my original intention.  These updates are simply a documentation of my year of making.  They are an exploration of how long projects take, which ones come to the fore at different times and which recede.  It is meant to be documentary in nature, not judgmental.  With that reminder firmly in place, here’s a peek into the nature of my October Making.

Modified Maya Top with embrodery around the hem

Unhurried Wardrobe

My wardrobe continues to expand slower than I’d like, but at a steady pace.  This is an important lesson for me to absorb.  If I continue to juggle all the projects I currently am managing, then I can expect to get one piece made per month.  This month that piece was a Maya top.  It was quick to sew up, then I spent the rest of the month free-form embroidering the bottom edge.

Mini-Quilt Scrap Basket Improv


A road trip at the end of the month meant I had some time to invest in a little bit of quilt handwork.  I got the small quilt that I’d quilted last month bound and finished.  I’m just not sure what it wants to be used for yet.  And, I spent many happy miles watching fall foliage whiz past as I put a few more stitches in my black and white quilt.

Shapely Boyfriend Cardigan knitting in progress


It’s kind of fun to be at the part where the stitches I’m adding create a discrete unit I can see.  I’ve been chipping away at this sweater since May but now I can see that this month I completed one sleeve.  And, I wove in a bunch of ends—though not very well. That’s a skill I need to hone a bit.

Chojnik Castle courtyard with climbing trees; Zamkowa, Jelenia Góra, Poland


After a flurry of mending in September, my mending piles sat unattended this month.  I imagine that means there will be plenty to work on next month.  That’s how mending tends to go.

Czocha Castle Library; Stankowice-Sucha, Poland