Of Needs, Necessities and a Robot Man


No infant needs a lovey. I am aware of this. They need a tiny something to put on, a blanket or two and diapers. So very many diapers.

But, stuffed robots? Not on the needs list. It is, therefore, only natural that I should find myself rifling through a pile of scraps in search of robot components. Because, sometimes what is necessary may not be what is needed.

What felt necessary to me this weekend was simply a bit of celebration. I can’t tell you exactly why a skinny-limbed stuffed automaton was the obligatory conduit of that celebration. I can tell you only that I very much needed to make him to celebrate the sweet little man who will soon be here.


All of this was quite clear to me.  And yet, I still felt a need to explain.  As the mama-to-be unwrapped her package I hurriedly said, “I know an infant doesn’t need a doll.”  She clutched this silly little robot man in her arms and shot right back, “Well, his mom does.”

My heart needed to hear that. Creating something for someone takes a bit of myself. To see that it’s valued and understood is maybe all that is necessary anyway.

SewMicah BremnerComment