September 2018

Stacked rocks at a black sand beach in Iceland

Helping a child prepare to strike out on their own is no small task.  I know this.  And yet, somehow, it still surprised me how all consuming it became.  Nearly the whole of September was swallowed by it.  Not that I’m complaining.  We began the month with a mother-son trip to Iceland.  On our return, we dug into the nitty gritty of preparation. Even this felt like a privilege to just be able to spend time with him.  I enjoyed even the shopping, packing and endless list checking.  There’s a sharpening of perception that makes me cherish the mundane in light of an imminent departure.  

Having said all of that, I still found evidence of my making amid the rush.  It’s always there when I look for it.

Shapely Boyfriend Cardigan in progress

 Unhurried Wardrobe

My Unhurried Wardrobe progress was minimal, and what momentum I had was far more inclined to knitting than sewing.  But, I did get a Maya Top cut out before the end of the month.

Close-up of handquilting on an improv mini-quilt


I was in serious danger of starting a new quilt top this month. I very nearly gave in to the temptation. I pulled the fabrics and everything. The only thing that saved me from descending down the rabbit hole of a new (unintended) project was the realization that some of the scraps I would need for this new quilt were already sitting in a box with a half finished quilt top. No problem, I thought, I’ll just quickly whip together that quilt top then I’ll be on to this one in no time. Just about the time when I was trying to crowd all the bits and pieces of this second quilt top onto my over committed table, reality finally sunk in. A new quilt (no matter how seductive) is not what I want to commit to right now. Working on my garment sewing is the priority at the moment. And, in odd moments, I have a sizable stack of in progress quilt projects. So, I set aside my new project aspirations (for the moment). I spent my quilting time working through a couple of Scrap Basket Improv blocks.  I turned one into a gift bag and used two others in a nearly completed mini-quilt.  I found a few evenings late in the month to sit with my big quilt and add a few more stitches.

Good Time Fingerless Mits knit in red and white yarn


It didn’t feel like any major hurdles were crossed this month in my knitting.  But, I suppose it is a significant achievement to have finished the body of my first ever sweater.  That accomplished, I actually started a new project.  But, it wasn’t simply a case of distraction.  Before embarking on the sleeves I wanted to learn the Magic Loop method of knitting small circles.  Double pointed needles and I have never been on the friendliest of terms.  Magic Loop wound up being delightfully straightforward as did these fingerless mits I whipped up.  Even though their primary purpose was to learn a new technique, it was surprisingly motivating to see a project start to finish that quickly.

Stacked mended clothing


This is the creative practice that I couldn’t keep my hands out of this month.  Part of that was practical.  A few critical pieces in various wardrobes sprouted holes this month.  But, certainly, there was an emotional component  as well.  Returning again and again to the work of mending was my meditation this month.  In total, I mended 5 jeans, 1 pair of pants, 7 shorts, 3 t-shirts, 3 dress shirts, 1 doll, 5 towels, 1 bag and 1 bath mat.  27 acts of mending in 30 days.  This was clearly a place I needed to expend my energy this month.

Iceberg in Glacier Lagoon, Iceland


A great deal of starting, but just one finish. Some months are like that.

Iceberg in Glacier Lagoon, Iceland