Three Reads that Will Make You Want to Plant a Garden


I've been dreaming of starting a little garden lately.  Not doing much about it.  But dreaming.  And thinking about frost and vacations and rental backyards and all the reasons that planting a garden is tricky.  But, none of them are keeping me from dreaming. 

The Curious Garden
by Peter Brown


There are a million ways I love this book.
Plants that are patient with their gardeners.
Liam's face.  
Singing to plants.
Gardens that don't stay put.
Old, forgotten things.
Coming together as a city comes alive.

Miss Maple's Seeds
by Eliza Wheeler

This is a  charming little book about a charming little lady who gathers up all the seeds that are lost and nurtures them the whole winter long.  It's gentle and sweet and wonderful.

"Take care, my little ones," Miss Maple says, "for the world is big and you are small."

The Gardener
by Sarah Stewart
Illustrated by David Small

Alright.  So, I love this writer-illustrator team.  That should be said.  Then they threw in a curmudgeonly uncle who never smiles.  And a gardening grandmother.  Then mixed everything up in the Depression Era.  What comes out on the other side is tender and beautiful.  And every so often, I even manage to read it without crying.